AGES: All Ages
LOCATION: Activity Building Room G
OBJECTIVE: Character Sketches

Nature lovers, this study is based on traits of animals in nature and their various qualities. Each study from the Character Sketch begins with a captivating nature story that introduces the character quality. From there, we draw Scripture that relates to Godly characteristic qualities in relationship to us.


AGES: All Ages
LOCATION: Activity Bldg. Room D

OBJECTIVE: Our mission is to live faithfully for God, to hold firm to the
truth of God’s word and to pass his truth on to give hope to the next
generation of believers.

LITERATURE: Faith Connections & Illustrated Bible Life

Open Doors

AGE: As the name implies, the class is open to all who desire to share with us.
Location: Conference Room

OBJECTIVE: This class utilizes books and videos by various Christian
authors to initiate discussion concerning how to better apply the
principles of Christian living in our daily lives.


AGES: All Ages
LOCATION: Basement-Room B

OBJECTIVE: Our class studies books related to many topics written by
Christian authors. In our most recent book, we read together, reviewed
Scriptures, and discussed many areas that men and women found most
challenging in our world today. 


AGES: All Ages
LOCATION: Activity Bldg. 2nd floor Rm J

CLASS MATERIAL: Various Curriculum