Our Board of Stewards recently approved fundraising efforts to do extensive repairs and upgrades to the church pipe organ after receiving a report from a subcommittee focused on researching our needs. The last organ refurbishment was done in 1994, over 26 years ago. Repairs include updating the electronics of the organ so that the main power fuses cannot be blown when lightning strikes in our area. The wind/air issue is related to the organ’s air blower, installed in 1927, which can cause a lag in airflow significantly altering the pitch and tone of organ sound quality. Lastly, there are some existing pipes which need repair and/or replacement. The view of the organ, chancel area, pipes and choir loft will not change. Only the console of the organ will change. Because extensive repair is needed, we find this to be the opportune time to update and enhance our organ, bringing it into the 21st century by adding digital components that will give it the “color” necessary to play with warmer and sweeter tones. The upgrade will allow the ability to play all genres of music to support both traditional and contemporary styles of worship. With these enhanced capabilities, the greatly improved organ would also allow increased musical opportunities to connect with our community. The total cost for repairs and improvements is $140,000. We currently have $62,000 raised toward our goal. Our fundraising will cross the year end and will include several events and opportunities to give a one-time gift or a set amount over time. You can give to the organ fund in three ways: 1) through the Vanco giving app which can be downloaded on your phone or computer where you can designate your gift to the “organ fund”, 2) cash in an envelope during worship or mailing it to or dropping it off at the church office designating the organ fund, or 3) by check, placing the designation of “organ fund” in the memo section. We realize that you may prefer to give over time and for that reason we have included a pledge card for the organ fund so that you may let us know about your intention to give over a specific time period. We anticipate the fundraising to conclude at the end of March 2022. We have included some “sentiments from the congregation” identifying reasons the organ is important to people in our congregation. We hope that you will take a few moments and read through them and consider a donation. We appreciate your regular gifts to the church operating budget which pays our bills. Gifts designated to the organ fund will help the church pay for organ repair and improvements. We hope you will prayerfully consider giving to both.

In service and stewardship,

Board of Stewards:




Thanks to your great response to refurbish our Sanctuary, we have met our goals and our task is completed. Walls and trim have been painted, floors have been sanded, stained and varnished, and our well worn pews have been revitalized.  In keeping the original look, the original ends of each pew were restored to give us a beautiful look, and new cushions were made. The new look provides us with a truly beautiful House of Worship.

Our out dated media and sound system, including speakers has been updated and we’re training our media team.

We are pleased to be blessed with a much needed, new professional piano and a wonderful electronic drum set.

You’ll also notice there are new screens, they should provide us with better presentations.

We know you’ll be pleased with the new look, and we are grateful for those that volunteered their time and expertise.