Overcoming Temptation – Knowledge is Power

One of the biggest things I find I have to resist when I preach is trying to cover too much in one sermon, well that along with thinking of cruel pranks to play on people that fall asleep during them. When I was reading the passage (Lk 4:1-13) for this message vs 13 –  When the Devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left him until the next opportunity came – caught my eye. I started to go down the road of finding out what exactly that meant when I realized it would most likely take me away from the point I was trying to make in my message today. Clearly it caught someone’s eye as well when I read the passage.

So when exactly did the devil tempt Jesus again, when did another appropriate time present itself? The Bible doesn’t specifically mention when that was. There are some passages that refer to Jesus’ humanity in his struggles being no different than ours. Hebrews 4:15 says that Jesus was tempted in every way that we are, in fact even more so.

Hebrews 12:4 points out that in struggling against sin, none of us have had to resisted to the point of it have costing our lives. The context in which that was written was in what all Christ was willing to do so that we could fully connect with God.

For me I am okay not knowing the specific details of all of Jesus’ temptations. It gives me great hope and strength to know that Jesus wasn’t some idealistic guru or a goody two-shoes. He lived life as I do. As you do, but was able to resist what I cannot always. Knowledge is power though and knowing the Bible helps me to better know what to resist and how to resist it.

Then there was the mention of the devil taking Jesus up to the highest point in the city; the temple and in essence said jump down from here (which would mean death) and if God really is God He will send his angels to be Superman and scoop you up before you hit the ground. Interesting in that the simple fact is that the temple was the highest point of the city.  There is also a powerful reminder in there that religious leaders in the church cannot expect God to save them from their own stupidity when they think their spiritual position makes them infallible when they make really poor decisions and misuse their powers.

There was also a question from Cara Gold that went something like: __≡{—-ω≈{__________¬{˜+¬(—-∂¨)”:___——____}{_)_ I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that because I took both Greek and Hebrew as pass/fail courses in seminary and I’ve forgotten what little I learned already, so I can’t read your question. You were 100% right when you wrote God♥Cara though.

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