Think what happens when you meet someone for the first time. After finding out their name, where they come from and why it is they chose to move to Caldwell, you will likely ask them what they do. The expected answer to that question is they will give you information about their job, career or place they work at. That, to a degree, is what catches us off guard when a mom or dad’s response is that they don’t. They go on to mention that they stay at home to raise the kids. According to my mom (and plenty of other stay at home parents), that is work. In our house, that was definitely so with me, compared to my sister.

 We do find ourselves in a society that is very action oriented. When we talk about who we are instead of what we do, we are seen to be encroaching into the weirdness of “Zen”, of psychological self analysis – and how many of us want to do that? It is noticeable that I tend to ask retired people, “how is retirement going”, rather than “what are you doing?” Something shifts in my mind about what defines people in their role.  What defines you? How do you define others around you and those you serve in and out of the church?

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